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Let your walks tell a story

Tours on Walkbug are made up of points, each point includes interesting information about that spot such as historical photos, personal stories, or comments about what to do when you arrive there. Each user can put their own personal spin on a tour, giving their own points of view and capturing the neighbourhood from their own perspective to share with friends, tourists, and locals.


Share Hidden Gems With Friends

With our Tour Creator (launching soon), you will be able to create your own tours and easily share them with friends not online through the Walkbug smartphone app, but also online through a web interface displaying your tour points and information. Check back for our big launch of the Walkbug Tour Creator!


Meet the team

The Walkbug team is made up of like-minded entrepreneurs that came together during Startup Weekend Hamilton 2013. Once complete strangers, came together around the idea of building an app for walking tours. Walkbug came in first place during Startup Weekend, and is now one of the Top 10 Finalists for Lion’s Lair. Learn more about the team here.